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This website is a collection of tips, suggestions and recommendations provided by mothers for mothers. The tips in this website cover information from planning a family, conception, pregnancy to motherhood. It may help you during a very confusing time when anxiety, decision-making and fear are part of everyday thoughts.

Planning to conceive, pregnancy and motherhood can preoccupy ones mind (referred to as scatterbrains) so if you would like to provide information to another mother (particularly if it really helped you), please keep it as brief and to the point as possible.

You may find that one tip may contradict another mother’s tip. The reason you may see this is “everyone’s different”. Having a selection of options gives you control to make an informed decision and one that most relates to your situation. And by having a selection of suggestions, you have the confidence in knowing that there are back up plans if the first suggestion doesn’t work for you (you’ll appreciate this when the baby comes along).

I dedicate this website to all the mothers without mothers at the Summer Hill Community Centre.  Thank you Kim – you changed my life

These tips are provided by mothers for new mothers.  They are not intended to replace the advice of a health professional


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